Sheffield SF Social

It was lovely to be invited to do a reading at the third Sheffield SF Social which took place on Saturday 28th June (which is still ‘today’ as I write, butr yesterday as you read).  Paul Kane was the other writer guest and weeach read a couple of pieces. Paul from his Hooded Man books and  his upcoming Monsters collection, and me from Empire of Dust and Winterwood. The former out last November and the latter which I’m currently editing for delivery to my publisher by August (and publication by February 2016.) Readings were followed by Q&A sessions.

I’ve read from Empire of Dust before, but this was my first reading from Winterwood, and I’m glad to say it was well received. This was its first public outing. Until you actually read something out loud it’s difficult to judge how well it hangs together. I’d intended to do more prep work, but ended up lollygagging for too long on Saturday morning having had a couple of unexpected business phone calls at just after 7 a.m., before I was really awake, and hence dropping off back to sleep and waking later than I’d intended.

Thanks to Steve Poore for inviting me to read at the social and to all the folks who asked intelligent questions. There’s nothing a writer likes better than getting a leading question that allows for an expansive reply.

Thanks to my friend (and proof-reader) Hilary for navigating me to the Middlewood Park and Ride and explaining the Sheffield super-tram system. Super-easy once you know how it works (though I’m glad I had a guide). The park and ride seemed expensive at £4.50. but once you realised that included the tram fare – and for the same price I could have parked all day and used as many trams as I wanted – so it was quite good value. In fact is was such an easy journey that I intend to give the next Sheffield SF social a go.

The Sheffield socials are just getting off the ground this – the third one – moved venues to the Eten cafe, close by the cathedral, a very easy walk from the cathedral tram stop and a lovely venue. Hilary and I took the opportunity to arrive early and have a bite to eat beforehand. Highly recommended.

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Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (, the secretary of Milford SF Writers (, a singer ( and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers ( She's also a Home Office / UK Visas and Immigration department licensed sponsor processing UK work permits (Certificates of Sponsorship).
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