Winterwood Edits

With Crossways only just on bookstore shelves it seems slightly odd that instead of rushing round doing lots of promotional blog posts, I’m already editing the next book which is a historical fantasy – a million miles away from my Psi-Tech space operas (though a third Psi-Tech book contract has now been signed, so there will be another one).

The next book will be Winterwood, a historical fantasy set in 1800 with Mad King George on the throne and Napoleon stirring up trouble in Europe. My heroine is a cross-dressing privateer captain and witch. She’s accompanied by the jealous ghost of her dead husband and a ship-load of barely reformed pirates.

When she pays a bitter deathbed visit to her estranged mother Ross (Rossalinde) Tremayne gets way more than she bargained for. There’s the magical winterwood box, for one thing. She’s supposed to open it – if she can – to set right an ancient wrong, but if she does, she may plunge Britain into chaos. Unsurprisingly the agent of the Crown wants to stop her, while certain magical persons are urging her on.

And then there’s the annoyingly handsome wolf shapechanger. (Please don’t call him a werewolf or he gets very upset.) Whose side is he on?

Ross PartialWinterwood is due out in February 2016. Due to publishing schedules my deadline date for delivery is August, i.e. now. I have it ready to go. Once I’ve delivered it there may be a few very minor editorial tweaks, but the next step is the copy edit. This is the process by which my prose, phrasing and spelling are thoroughly checked and my British English is turned into American English. We iron out any British word usage that doesn’t translate and work around it.

There’s a potential cover – five of them actually, all variations on a theme, by Larry Rostant. Stephan Martiniere did the covers for my Psi-Tech books, but the Winterwood cover is a completely different style. I haven’t got permission to reveal the full images yet, but I love them all. Here’s a partial…

Once Winterwood is delivered I’ll be starting work on the first draft of Nimbus, the third Psi-Tech novel. It’s all go!

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Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (, the secretary of Milford SF Writers (, a singer ( and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers ( She's also a Home Office / UK Visas and Immigration department licensed sponsor processing UK work permits (Certificates of Sponsorship).
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  3. Just started reading ‘Crossways’ – excellent! Really enjoying it.

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