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Humour in Fantasy and SF

Joe Monti’s piece on the website In Praise of Humour in Fantasy and Science Fiction prompted the following thoughts. I’d love to be able to write humour. Joss Whedon is my hero for his snappy one-liners. Buffy the Vampire … Continue reading

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I’m in that weird space inbetween finishing a book and sending it to my editor. I’m giving myself a few days and then going to have one final read-through. My eagle-eyed friend, H., is checking it for typos because no … Continue reading

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Science for Fiction Writers 2016

Last week I attended Science for Fiction Writers, an event organised by Dave Clements (or that should be Dr David Clements), a senior lecturer in astrophysics at Imperial College, London and also a writer of science fiction. Science for Fiction … Continue reading

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