Winterwood front cover-smallI’m in that weird space inbetween finishing a book and sending it to my editor. I’m giving myself a few days and then going to have one final read-through. My eagle-eyed friend, H., is checking it for typos because no matter how many times I check it through there will always be something I miss. I always read what I think I’ve written, not what I’ve actually  written. That’s one of the reasons that I always read it to myself out loud when I get to the ‘nearly finished’ stage, because my mouth often picks up the clunky things that my eye would miss.

So last week I did the read-aloud pass, and a couple of days ago I finished what I think is the final editing pass on SILVERWOLF, my second Rowankind book. It picks up the story of Ross (witch) and Corwen (wolf shapechanger)  in 1801, just a few months after the events in WINTERWOOD. They’re just beginning to think life might be settling down to something approaching normality when they are called to investigate two missing children in Devon – possibly eaten by a kelpie, a waterhorse. It appears that wild magic is breaking out into the mundane world and Ross thinks it’s her fault, after all, she gave stolen magic back to the rowankind, opening the door to magical occurrences that the Mysterium’s licenced witches aren’t equipped to deal with.

Magical mayhem, politics, a family crisis, the Fae, millworkers, the rowankind, business rivalry, canny goblins, the Mysterium, and yet another Walsingham all contrive to keep Ross and Corwen on the hop. Allies are the Lady of the Forests, Hartington the stag shapechanger; a respectable vicar and his family, Ross’ half-Fae brother, and a bunch of magical creatures caught in the crossfire.

The action moves from Somerset to Devon to Yorkshire and then to Georgian London. From there it’s back to the ocean with the barely reformed pirates aboard Ross’ ship, The Heart of Oak: Cap’n Hookey Garrity, Mr. Rafiq, Mr. Sharpner, Lazy Billy, Windward, and The Greek.

So I think the book is finished, but my editor – who has loads more experience than I have – may disagree. I’ve had one lot of editorial comments already, which led to some changes (all for the better, I’m sure). There may be more to come, but if so I think they are likely to be smallish changes. SILVERWOLF is nearing it’s final form. Of course, even if there are no more editorial changes in terms of content, it still has to go through copy-editing and then the galley proofs have to be checked. There will probably be a proof copy sent out for reviews some time in late autumn and the book itself comes out on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.


I’ve already seen the  cover illustration for SILVERWOLF, but If I showed you the whole thing I’d have to shoot you. It doesn’t have any graphics on it yet, it’s just the raw photo, but here’s a small part of it as a teaser. Corwen Deverell, the Silverwolf of the title.

What do you think? Has artist Larry Rostant captured the Corwen that you imagined in WINTERWOOD?

I’m very happy with the way he’s turned out.




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