Rowankind Delivered

On Friday night I sent off the final edited version of my upcoming novel ROWANKIND.

Let me say that again because it never gets old. On Friday night I sent off the final edited version of my upcoming novel ROWANKIND.

Jacey Office 4It’s the culmination of seven months of work, five months to write the first draft and deliver it, a gap of a month while my editor (Sheila Gilbert at DAW) went to work on it, and another month of (structural/story) editing.

Of course, work on the book isn’t finished yet, but most of my work is. From here it goes to my editor for a final check. I’ve gone through one edit with Sheila already, and made the changes she suggested, but if there are any issues she still needs me to address, of course, she can send it back to me and I can do more edits.

Once Sheila is happy with it, it goes to a copy editor who changes my British English to American English, and checks my prose for clunky sentences and bad punctuation. (Americans use a LOT more commas than we Brits, do for starters. And don’t get me started on the Great Oxford Comma debate. Sometimes Oxford commas are necessary, and sometimes not.)

Rowankind_coverI get to see the book again after the copy editor has worked on it, and I can make any necessary alterations (or query what the copy editor has done in specific cases) before it goes to the typesetter. My final view of the book will be the page proofs, which I like to do on paper (though I send any resulting changes to my publisher by email). Once it gets to the page proof stage I can only make small changes. Trying to add or subtract substantial chunks will make more work for the typesetters.

Before it comes out in it’s final form DAW will produce ARCs, advance reader copies, which will be sent out for review, hopefully so that published reviews will coincide with publication.

DAW’s publicist (DAW is part of Penguin Random House) will do some work on getting the book some promo, but it helps if I can do some of that, too. Setting up a blog tour is something I can help with, i.e. writing guest blogs for anyone who will host me on their blog. Sometimes I get to write an opinion piece, or something about the nuts and bolts of writing, and sometimes I get to answer interview questions. I’m happy to do any of those types of posts.

Do contact me if you can either offer to review ROWANKIND or host a post on my blog tour.

Ross PartialCorwenROWANKIND is the third and final book in the Rowankind trilogy which began with WINTERWOOD and continued with SILVERWOLF. It continues the story of Ross (Rossalinde) and Corwen set in 1802, in a magical Britain. The Fae are threatening magical retribution if the newly enfranchised rowankind are not protected from the Mysterium, Corwen’s shapechanging brother is a constant source of trouble, and an unexpected peace treaty with Napoleon’s France brings an old enemy back to England’s shores. Can Ross and Corwen protect Britain’s magicals without sacrificing themselves? Expect adventure on land and sea, an unexpected encounter with a pirate, magical creatures on the loose, some politicking with a guest appearance by Mr. Pitt the younger, and a desperate final struggle against Walsingham.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had some input into the selection of a cover artist for the trilogy. Larry Rostant has done a marvellous job of bringing my characters to life. I absolutely adore his artwork. The cover of ROWANKIND features Ross and the rowankind Charlotte with Corwen in Silverwolf form. The book is due from DAW on 4th December 2018. It’s available for pre-order on both sides of the Atlantic from the folks named after a South American river.


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Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (, the secretary of Milford SF Writers (, a singer ( and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers ( She's also a Home Office / UK Visas and Immigration department licensed sponsor processing UK work permits (Certificates of Sponsorship).
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4 Responses to Rowankind Delivered

  1. C. J. Jessop says:

    Well done, and yes I love the covers for those. Great choice.

  2. sjhigbee says:

    Congratulations! I can well believe that is a feeling you never get tired of… When is it due out, Jacey?

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