Elizabeth Chadwick: Shadows and Strongholds – For your reading pleasure

The story of Fulke (known as Brunin) FitzWarin and Hawise de Dinan from the time Brunin is taken into the de Dinan household (Ludlow Castle) as a ten year old squire, at the request of his father who wants the gentle Brunin ‘made into a man’. Brunin and Hawise grow up together, firm friends, but their eventual marriage is not in their own hands in a world where marriages are arranged for political, economic and security reasons.

This is set against a background of upheaval. It’s England in 1148 and Prince Henry of Anjou is making a determined bid for the throne – and will soon become Henry II. FitzWarin and de Dinan are supporters of the victorious Henry, but that’s a no guarantee that when the dust settles they won’t have lost what they consider to be theirs, for Henry is a capricious king, given to redistributing his favours (and his strongholds) according to the need of the moment.

Gilbert de Lacy contests the right to Ludlow and as the de Dinan family and Joscelin de Dinan’s young but growing squire are drawn into battles determined by the course of history. Brunin does, indeed, grow to manhood, every inch a Norman knight, learning eventually to overcome the enmity of his brothers, the fear of his harridan grandmother (who never lets anyone in the family forget that they carry William the Conqueror’s bloodline) and the disappointment of his father, earning respect and eventually coming into his inheritance.

But Brunin’s betrothal to Hawise (portrayed entirely realistically not as a great romance, but as a great friendship blossoming into love at the behest of both their families) is what brings Ludlow down – because in all his time in the de Dinan household he – and everyone else – had discounted the feelings of Marion – another de Brunin fosterling who is much more unstable than anyone suspects. It’s Marion’s treachery that loses them Ludlow in fact, to a private battle with de Lacey, and Henry that seals it in law.

This is also a story of the love between Joscelin de Dinan and his wife Sybilla. Joscelin, an ex mercenary and good judge of men holds Shrewsbury as his wife’s inheritance. Joscelin is a rarity. A truly good and strong man whose one fear is of letting his wife down. He was given Ludlow (and Sybilla) together and fears that losing one will lose him the other. A well-written and engaging book that I read because someone left it here. I’m glad I did. I don’t read many historicals, but I’m inclined to seek out more Elizabeth Chadwick and there is a continuation of Fulke/Brunin’s story in Lords of the White Castle (written four years before this book) which is now on my wants list.

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