Cover Reveal: The Amber Crown

At last I’m allowed to show you the cover of my upcoming book, The Amber Crown. It’s not out until 11th January 2022, but that will be here before you know it. It’s available to pre-order from Amazon and other good book retailers. It says paperback, but it’s actually large format paperback (known as ‘trade’ paperback), and it will be out in normal format paperback later in 2022.

Of course I’d be delighted if you would pre-order it. It makes a huge difference to an author if there are a bunch of pre-orders on release day. I’ll be organising some signed bookplates for the release.

More buying/ordering options here.

In this new epic fantasy, three societal outcasts must work together to fulfill the orders of a dead king’s ghost or risk their nation falling to a tyrant

The king is dead, his queen is missing. On the amber coast, the usurper king is driving Zavonia to the brink of war. A dangerous magical power is rising up in Biela Miasto, and the only people who can set things right are a failed bodyguard, a Landstrider witch, and the assassin who set off the whole sorry chain of events.

Valdas, Captain of the High Guard, has not only failed in his duty to protect the king, but he’s been accused of the murder, and he’s on the run. He’s sworn to seek justice, but his king sets him another task from beyond the grave. Valdas doesn’t believe in magic, which is unfortunate as it turns out.

Mirza is the healer-witch of a Landstrider band, valued and feared in equal measure for her witchmark, her scolding tongue, and her ability to walk the spirit world. When she’s given a task by Valdas’ dead king, she believes that the journey she must take is one she can never return from.

Lind is the clever assassin. Yes, someone paid him to kill the king, but who is to blame, the weapon or the power behind it? Lind must face his traumatic past if he’s to have a future.

Can these three discover the real villain, find the queen, and set the rightful king on the throne before the country is overcome?

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Jacey Bedford maintains this blog. She is a writer of science fiction and fantasy (, the secretary of Milford SF Writers (, a singer ( and a music agent booking UK tours and concerts for folk performers (
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10 Responses to Cover Reveal: The Amber Crown

  1. Jazzlet says:

    Lovely cover! I’m pondering whether to get a paper or electronic version – the bookshelves really are getting a bit beyond completely out of control, so will electonic versions be out at the same time as the trade or the mass market please?

    • Jacey Bedford says:

      The electronic version is already available to pre-order on, but for some reason it’s not available on Not sure why. So on my side of the pond, the dead-tree version is the only one available to pre-order at the moment.

    • Jacey Bedford says:

      I certainly will.

  2. Putting the assassin and the accused bodyguard of the victim in one team must have required some extensive plot wrangling. Not to mention the witch who believes that they’re tasked with a kamikaze mission.

    • Jacey Bedford says:

      The assassin and the bodyguard get on reasonably well at first, because the bodyguard doesn’t know who the assassin is or what he’s done, but when he finds out… (If I told you any more I’d have to shoot you, but let’s just say that it was a scene I loved writing!)

  3. Love the cover! It’s really great. Got it on pre-order!

  4. Hey, can I reblog this post to my blog?

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