Countdown to The Amber Crown – (less than) 2 Weeks to Go

Happy New Year to all.

This is my last post for 2021 and the penultimate post leading up to The Amber Crown. If you already have it on pre-order, thank you very much. If not, you can pre-order it now (see links below).

Because I have a different deal with DAW this time, The Amber Crown is available on Kindle in the UK (unlike my other books which were only available in hard copy as American imports).

So what has the past year been like? I finished writing the Amber Crown in May after doing some structural editing, adding a few scenes and changing the ending (a bit). Then I did the obvious read through (several times) to catch awkward sentences and spelling errors.

When do you count a book as finished? I’m not sure you ever do. There simply comes a time when you say, “It’s as good as I can make it,” and so you send it off, knowing your editor will catch things that you’ve missed. Once you’ve sent it off you have to avoid thinking up new plot twists if you can. The book stays in your head though, and sometimes it won’t leave you alone.

In the summer my editor asked me what kind of cover I would like. This is really mind-blowingly wonderful because many publishers don’t let you have a say in your own cover. I said I’d like a graphic rather than an illustrative cover, and she agreed with me that graphic covers were trending at the moment. This is what came back from Bose Collins. I was gobsmacked. It exceeded my expectations. I love it.

In the autumn I got the copy-edits to approve. Shoshana Seid-Green did a really sensitive copy edit, adding and correcting punctuation etc. but nothing too invasive. Americans use a lot more commas than Brits do, but I’m getting used to that. Then came my final proof-read, after which DAW did another one, just to make sure.

And then just a few days ago, right before Christmas, a box of author copies arrived.


You betcha.

You can place an advance order now, and from 11th January 2022 onwards, you can get a copy here…

PenguinRandomHouse Book/Kindle Book/Kindle
Barnes & Noble Book/Nook
Books A Million
Hudson Booksellers
Ebooks also from: Google Play Store and Kobo

I will very happily send you a signed bookplate via email – personalised if requested. You can contact me via my website at

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