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Committing Trilogy

As I write this blog post I’m editing and polishing my third Psi-Tech book, Nimbus, the last in my trilogy of space operas (though there may be more ahead set in the same universe—it’s too early to tell, yet.) It’s … Continue reading

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A tale of loyalty, love and magic running wild Yay! Tuesday 3rd January 2017 was publication day for my fourth novel, Silverwolf, the sequel to Winterwood (which came out in February 2016). Silverwolf is published by DAW in the USA … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

When writing historical fiction it’s sometimes difficult to pin down names. Things change and sometimes the change is gradual. For instance I live in a tiny Yorkshire village called Birdsedge, or maybe it’s Birds Edge. No one really seems to … Continue reading

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Re-reading my own book: Winterwood.

Having delivered Crossways, due for publication in August, I’ve stepped sideways straight into the edits for Winterwood, my third book – and a very different one from the first two space operas. Set in an alternate 1800 with magic, Winterwood … Continue reading

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