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What times we’ve lived through.

My grandma’s house was a miner’s cottage in Mapplewell, probably built in the mid to late Victorian period. It was red brick, two up, two down with a toilet in the yard. There was a cellar with a freshwater spring … Continue reading

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What I learned about Tallin that I couldn’t have found out from a guidebook.

Following my trip to the World Science Fiction Convention in Helsinki, I took a side trip to Tallinn to do some research for my novel-in-progress ‘The Amber Crown’ set in an analogue of the Baltic States in a time period … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

When writing historical fiction it’s sometimes difficult to pin down names. Things change and sometimes the change is gradual. For instance I live in a tiny Yorkshire village called Birdsedge, or maybe it’s Birds Edge. No one really seems to … Continue reading

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Book Blog and Pinterest

My original blog, which includes my book blogs is over at Live Journal. I just wrote about Judith Tarr’s Forgotten Suns (which I loved) in some detail here: http://birdsedge.livejournal.com/302299.html Mildly spoilery but doesn’t give the game away. I try to … Continue reading

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