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Ann Leckie: Ancillary Justice – For Your Reading Pleasure

Breq was a space ship, the Justice of Toren, equipped with enough power to destroy planets and enough ancillaries to invade and conquer ‘uncivilised’ worlds in Radch ‘annexations’, however now she’s just Breq, human (more or less) and alone despite … Continue reading

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Bladdered or Shitfaced? The gentle art of word choice and the bogglement of page-proofing.

No, I’m neither bladdered not shitfaced – that’s one of my characters. I’m sober as the proverbial judge, and doing page proofs. Five hundred and thirty four pages of closely printed text – almost one hundred and seventy thousand words. … Continue reading

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Another Successful Milford

September is the time of year when fifteen science fiction and fantasy writers put down their pens for the week and journey to the wilds of Wales to take part in Milford, or to give it its Sunday Best title: … Continue reading

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