Jacey Bedford is an English writer with short story publication credits in anthologies and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic. She snagged a three book deal with DAW, in the USA, followed by a further three books. The first book,  Empire of Dust – a Psi-tech Novel,  a space opera was published on 4th November 2014. It features trust and betrayal on alien worlds. The second book, Crossways, launched in August 2015, is a sequel in which a search for survivors turns into a battle for survival, and the third in theat trilogy, Nimbus, came out in October 2017. In the meantime Winterwood and Silverwolf are historical fantasies with a cross-dressing privateer captain, a jealous ghost a wolf shapechanger and an implacable enemy. The third in that trilogy, Rowankind, is due in December 2018.

She’s sold short stories to Magazines and anthologies Nature Magazine’s Futures section, to British anthology Her Dark Voice, and has a story in the anthology Futures2 from Nature Magazine and Tor. All her short story sales are listed on her website. The most recent anthology stories are ‘The Horse Head Violin in Children of a Different Sky, and Make me Immortal with a Kiss in Second Round, published by Zombies Need Brains. She’s a core author for the next Zombies Need Brains antho: Portals.

She lives in a windswept stone house high in Yorkshire’s Pennine Hills with her husband, songwriter Brian Bedford and a bouncy German Shepherd called Eska. Her two children have grown and (almost) flown.

She once thought she would like to be a professional horsewoman, but ended up becoming a children’s librarian before touring the world singing harmonies with the a cappella folk trio, Artisan. She now organises UK tours for international folk performers – driving a desk for a living and embarked on an Artisan reunion tour in the spring and summer of 2015.

She’s the current hon. secretary of Milford SF Writers, which organises an annual conference and peer-to-peer workshopping week, for published speculative fiction writers. http://www.milfordSF.co.uk. She also co-ordinates NorthwriteSF, a face to face writing group for speculative fiction writers in the north of England.

If you point your web browser at www.jaceybedford.co.uk, you can catch up with Jacey’s writing and if you like harmony singing take a listen at www.artisan-harmony.com. She bookblogs on Dreamwidth as jacey, and has a Facebook presence under her own name and tweets @jaceybedford.


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